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Smart I-ssenger (Smart Image Messenger)

Share secret and secured images with friends and colleagues with just few taps. Send timer and people who can view your images.

Fraud Review Detection

Our proprietary AI can detect fraudulent reviews of any product with impressive accuracy by analyzing the reviewers writing pattern and the reviewers historical stylometric. Our system is compatible with Amazon, Google, Fakebook, Yelp etc.

GFVS (Geofenced File Viewer System)

"We have Introduced a highly secure lock for your valuable data. Lock any file format with GFVS and the Geo Locations system converts it to the GFVS file type, which can be opened only when connected to a private network.
- The GFVS file type is associated with the GEO Locations system and password, which prevents access from other locations.
- Any PDF, Word, audio, or video files can be converted to the GFVS file type.
- Files are only viewable with authorized GFVS software
- GFVS is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and IoS "

Web Traffic Analysis

Many paid click farm users use GPS faking (VPN) to pose as users from another country in order to access digital services which are not meant for them. As an example, A business wants to distribute coupons only to Network City. But people from another city or country can fake their GPS setting to get that offer. Our powerful AI can detect these types of fraud.

AI Exam Proctor

Our AI can monitor webcam, mic phone, other file access while someone giving an exam from their home and instantly detect any cheat attempt.

Secret Image Share for Messengers.

User will upload an image using our app. User Will set how long, and how many viewers and how many times other people can view that image. Our app will provide a link in which a user can share their friends. Our smart AI will detect how long friends are seeing the image and auto destroy it. (more like current story view of Instagram/Facebook but after time up this cant be viewable again) Our AI will track the user's eye and also detect any fraudulent try of users to view it offline.

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